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More than twenty-five years I have been challenged with a skin disease that manifests sores on my face that are extremely long to heal… scarring …. bandage on my nose for two years. I have tried many different modalities… doctors… medicine… etc. In my continued search, I came across Wonder Spray … contacted John… and not only was he compassionate towards my condition, but his integrity showed through his words. I have been using the spray for two weeks. The sores are healing! For the first time, my nose under the bandage was no oozing and no new challenges have manifested. I have no words to describe how thankful and hopeful I am! Please try the Wonder Spray. It could be the holy grail for you. Thank you, John, with all my heart!


Updated 12/18/20

Hi Mister Burd, this is Wendy, and I just wanted to call. I wrote a couple of testimonies on your page, but I want to thank you with all of my heart and my soul to the angel that you have been for me and the Wonder spray. You were sweet enough to send me samples. My skin has improved so much that for the first time and thirty years I can walk out of the house and not be so self-conscious and kind of feel like a normal person, and I just wanted to thank you again. I hope you’re well and happy I tell people about it all the time if I can do anymore, Let me know. Wendy G


Wonder Spray user

Hope you can see these burns, they are mine from the pizza oven, (500 degrees)
it just takes a split second, I do not do it often 1st picture at 7:24pm used Wonderspray ASAP and several times until the 2nd picture at 8:59pm. This is the real thing! Do you see the difference? Just wanted to let you know this happen this evening at restaurant. Best Regards

Wonder Spray For Burns

7:24 PM Burn Photo

Wonder Spray For Burns

8:59 Photo #2


Wonder Spray User

I have been using Wonder Spray for about 6 months now. Now my family uses it for a plethora of ailments. Any bug bite, scrape or minor skin irritation gets a quick few squirts, stopping any itch within seconds. My 13-year-old even uses it to keep her skin blemishes. Can’t say enough about this product!!

– Andrew B.

Wonder Spray User

Using it on a rash on the back of my hand and it is soothing and making the skin less rough. Anxious to try it for other problems.

Don J.

Wonder Spray User

Wonder spray… Amazing stuff! I’ve used it on a few different skin irritations, a rash, a scratch from a rose bush thorn and even a mosquito bite! Each time I got relief from the discomfort and I am sure they healed up faster usual! Great product.

Judy C.

Wonder Spray User

My skin recently became irritated from the needle from my Omnipod insulin pump. I really did not want to switch out the company my pump is from because it was working so well for me. I decided to try out Wonder Spray and it worked! I no longer have a rash, irritation, or scaring.

Mariana C

Wonder Spray User

This stuff is amazing! Now if I had used it when I slid off the rocks I wouldn’t have a scar. Where do you buy it?? My boomers group would love this as we were all talking about our thinning skin!!

Richard P.

Wonder Spray User

I used the Wonder Spray on my arm where I had a small, itchy rash that wouldn’t go away. I wish I had taken a “before picture” to post here because it’s almost gone after less than a week of using Wonder Spray twice a day. Great product!

Judy G.

Wonder Spray User

Wonder Spray is truly a wonder. Speeds up the healing of cuts, burns and bug bits as well as giving relief to the itching. Our teenage grandkids use it for acne-like breakouts.

Russ F

Wonder Spray User

This product is amazing and has so many other uses. If it hurts spray some on cuts, burns and many other things. I love this product. I have bottles in both of my bathrooms and in my kitchen

Vickie B

Wonder Spray User

My son has ingrown hairs on the inside of his thighs that result in small boils. After I wash them I apply Wonder Spray 3 times a day It takes the soreness & redness out and just a few days the skin is much better. Great Product! We also use it on burns, it takes out the stinging sensation, help with so many things.

Cathy G

Wonder Spray User

I’m 16 and my face looked just like the girl on your website. After two weeks of Wonder Spray (even before then), I experienced a remarkable difference. All my friends at senior school here in Somerset, England, wanted to know where they could buy some

Lily T.

Wonder Spray User

I came across Wonder Spray about 4 months ago and it works great! 👍 I use it to treat my acne-like breakouts. and when I have cuts or irritation on my skin. I love it much better than other products which I used before for many years. Great natural product for people with sensitive and problematic skin. Thank you!

Slava F.

Wonder Spray User

So happy I purchased the large bottle. WONDER SPRAY really works. I came home from work and my husband had burnt his hand. He had cooked pasta and when he drained it not only did the steam burn his hand he also accidentally poured the water from the pot on his hand. He showed me his hand and it was bright red and throbbing. I told him do not worry I have a solution. I sprayed WONDER SPRAY on his hand and within a short time, it was no longer red and painful.

I have a new 4-month-old dachshund puppy who likes to bite me with his sharp lil puppy teeth. A couple of times he broke my skin. I sprayed WONDER SPRAY on the cuts and they healed without becoming infected.

This multi-purpose product is a winner!!

Victoria M.

Wonder Spray User

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