No one wants a stinky house. But no matter how clean the home looks, bad odors may lurk in surprising places. You want clean air, a fresh appearance, and no matter what your hobbies. But, whether it’s a smelly dishwasher, mysterious shower drain smell, pets, kids, or even unwanted moisture, many side effects of everyday life can fill your home with a less-than-pleasant scent. If you can’t figure out where that foul odor is coming from, check these ten likely causes.


Your dishwasher is a popular spot for potential mold – and smells. Moisture buildup can cause many problems when it comes to bad smells in your home. Check it regularly. It might need a good wipe down or even an entire flush of your system. Don’t forget to look at your silverware to ensure harmful bacteria have not grown on your utensils.


It’s no secret that your fridge can become a space for all kinds of rotten smells – old food, Chinese leftovers, or spills you forgot to clean up. Even when it’s emptied, these smells can still linger behind that closed door. And, believe it or not, these odors can and will escape your fridge and plague other parts of your home. So make sure to clean it out thoroughly.


This one tends to get overlooked but, let’s face it, the carpet soaks in everything. The pet fur, the dirt, the spills, and everything on the bottom of your feet are in your carpet, which can leave your living space with a buildup of awful smells right under your nose. Be sure to get all of those elements (and odors) out by getting your carpet cleaned at least once a year.


What goes in your closet? Your stinky shoes? Your gross gym bag? Maybe even your dirty clothes hamper? Everyday-use items can cause odors to form in your closet over time, along with moisture often trapped in that small space. So be sure to clean up and leave your closet door open every once in a while to let fresh air in and stale air out.

Shoes and Outerwear

Whether you’re an elite athlete, casual gym lover,  walker, or just a homebody, your shoes may eventually start to smell. It’s completely natural and bound to happen over time, and any places where your shoes go in your home, unfortunately, may begin to smell like sweaty, worn-out shoes. So learn to leave your shoes outside sometimes to let them release built-up moisture.  

Trash Can

This one seems obvious – garbage stinks, after all. Minor spills and crumbs can build up over time and form bad odors inside your trash can that linger even when you take out the trash bag. Just like the rest of your kitchen, this needs to be wiped down thoroughly with your favorite cleaning products too.


Pets can cause a lot of unwanted odors in your home. They’re very much a part of the family, but they can get smelly just like humans. From their breath to their coat, animals can be a lot of work when it comes to smell, and it can catch up to you before you know it. So bathe them regularly to keep their odors from spreading through your home.

Washing Machine

Unfortunately, just like your dishwasher, front-load washers are known for their tendency to smell bad if not maintained correctly. Moisture gets caught in the door seal and detergent drawer, causing smelly mildew and mold. In any place where moisture is trapped, smells will start to take over. Watch out for this and air it out once in a while.

New Furniture

That bad smell coming from your new furniture is not only annoying but could be toxic — it’s typically a result of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs can have a strong smell, but they can also be harmful to your health by polluting your indoor air. They may cause headaches, eye, nose, and throat irritation, or even more serious conditions.


We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t smell your own home because it’s the smell of you.” This is very true. Even with your daily showers, bedsheets still absorb your body oil and sweat, causing unwanted smells in your favorite space. Cleaning experts agree that you should wash sheets and other bedding that touches your skin once a week.

Whether unpleasant odors coming from your pets, shoes or even your carpet, it’s time to combat these issues. Bad smells are natural, but having them linger can cause a bad reputation, less social involvement, and a drop in your overall self-esteem. Don’t let any odor slow you down. It’s time to deodorize with a product that is non-toxic, easily applied, backed up by science, and has remarkable testimonials from people just like you. Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray Odor Rescue will leave your home fresh, comfortable, and odor-free.

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