Skin blemishes can have multiple causes. For instance, hormones, diet, and overproduction of oil on the skin can cause different problems like dermatitis and acne. While you should see a doctor for hormone and diet changes, a skincare routine is the first place to start when blemishes are taking over. When eating more vegetables and less dairy isn’t working, it might just be the levels of oils clogging your pores and causing your blemishes. A skincare routine is made up of three simple parts: cleansing, moisturizing and protecting. View the tips below to see how a skincare routine can benefit your skin now and in the long run.

Types of Skin

Skin is like a snowflake; all types of skin are different. Skin can be categorized into five different types. The five categories of skin types are normal, dry, oily, combination (oily and dry), and sensitive. A standard skin type is neither dry nor oily and will have very few imperfections and sensitivities. Pores are typically smaller in normal skin, causing less dirt and oil to get trapped and fewer blemishes overall. Moving along, dry skin happens when your skin does not make enough oils on its own to keep skin moisturized. Oily skin type is quite the opposite, where your skin is making too many oils, leaving a greasy or weighed down feeling. Sensitive skin is the one that likes to be complicated. Sensitive skin gets easily irritated with dyes, chemicals, fragrances, and even from touching it too much or wearing rough clothing.


Now that you’re aware of your skin type, you must pick the right cleanser for your skin. This step includes a lot of trial and error; do your research; there are tons of resources online. It may take a while to find a cleanser that your skin likes, but that’s okay because we promise it’s worth the time and effort. The cleansing process removes dirt, oil, and makeup that can set up camp in your pores. The best facial cleansers are alcohol-free and non-abrasive. It also helps to use lukewarm water instead of hot, as hot water damages and dries out the skin. You can also use cleansing tools, like rotating brushes and exfoliation pads, for when you need an extra deep clean.


Once the face feels squeaky clean, it’s time to remoisturize your skin and add back some healthy fats you removed during the cleaning process. Finding a moisturizer based on your skin type is, again, all about research and finding which product your skin likes. Even people with oily skin need to moisturize, or else the skin will produce even more oil to overcompensate for dryness, which is something to avoid. Other less conventional ways to keep skin irritation at bay are maintaining short showers (and not too hot), being gentle on your skin (only exfoliating twice a week), and not wearing scratchy material that causes you to itch.


Did you know SPF stands for sun protection factor? Tried and true, sunscreen is the first line of protection from the environment’s harmful UV rays. SPF acts as a protective barrier from cancer-causing skin damage and wrinkles. No wonder moms always lather six layers on their kids at the beach. Whether having a beach day or not, it is best to go with an SPF of at least 30 and reapply regularly if you are often outside. There is also new research about harmful blue light, like those that come from being exposed to screens for long periods. A tinted moisturizer that contains SPF will do the trick for those harmful blue lights. Air pollution can also cause clogged pores, so be sure to keep up with that cleansing routine.

Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins neutralize free radicals in your body and can protect against damage from UV rays, blue light, and pollution. Using vitamin E on your face, as well as taking it in a pill, is a great way to build immunity and keep your body healthy. Vitamin C repairs body tissues; it treats pigmentation issues, wrinkles, and general damage. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, stimulates cell production, decreases fine lines, and strengthens skin. Last but not least, Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system. It is naturally produced from simply going out in the sun (remember to wear your sunscreen). Overall, vitamins are a great way to keep your body healthy, which will shine through into your skin.

Altogether, a skincare routine slows down signs of aging and protects you from harmful rays that can cause skin cancer. With beautiful skin from a routine, you will have a newly boosted confidence. Getting into a routine will also create a habit that is imperative for living a healthy lifestyle. Skincare helps your skin stay in good condition now and for years to come when it gets harder to control. Testing different cleaners and moisturizers also assist you in discovering which dyes, fragrances, and ingredients your skin gets irritated by. Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray Skin Rescue is dye, fragrance, and alcohol-free, so you won’t have to worry about any of those irritating ingredients with our products.

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