If your weekly schedule doesn’t leave much room for cleaning, your house is bound to build up some serious dust and dirt. Regularly doing laundry, dishes, and vacuuming isn’t cutting it for the months of dust on the top of your entertainment center. A deep clean is necessary to get rid of the pollutants that could be causing allergies, headaches, or even sickness. If the idea of your clutter and grime makes you stressed, planning a whole day to a deep clean is a must. Here is a deep cleaning checklist for your grubby home.


The golden rule to save space is for every new item you have, part with an old one. This will prevent feeling overwhelmed by your things. The less stuff you have to clean, the more often you will clean. Decluttering your home is easy: grab a big trash bag and toss items you haven’t used in months, room by room. Then head over to the donation center, and you’re done! Overall, a decluttered house will declutter your mind; you will feel like you can conquer the rest of the house once this is checked off your list.

Start at the Ceiling

One might not think to clean their ceiling or fans often, but the dust that collects on them can cause allergens to circulate the air. If you start to see particles of dust floating when the sun catches your eye, the ceiling fans may be the first to blame. Make sure to safely climb up to your ceiling fans and dry-wipe the dust off. Then use a wet sponge or cloth to scrub them clean. It’s okay if dust falls to the ground from the fan blades because cleaning the floors is next on your deep clean list.

Clean the Floors

The proper cleaning method will depend on what kind of floors you have, but a general rule is to sweep or vacuum the loose dust and then mop. Most people mop with hot water, dish soap, and vinegar mixture. We recommend using Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray HOCL solution as a bacteria-killing floor cleaner. You can also use a scrub brush for extra grime. Although they are super abrasive, they are only recommended for use every few months or in high-traffic areas like front doors or hallways.

Clean the Windows

Getting exposure to natural light in your home can boost vitamin D production, kill bacteria, and increase overall mood. Windows are also the most obvious place that dust and dirt can build up. We’ve all been there. We rush to clean windows by spraying product first, only getting a big gloopy mess of wet dirt. Next time, start cleaning your windows by giving them a quick dry wipe. Then you can add a few sprays of the product (less is more in this case) and wipe clean with a microfiber towel. The final touch is to fluff any curtains by throwing them in the dryer.

Scrub the Kitchen, Then Scrub It Again

The kitchen is one of the bacteria’s favorite places to grow. Food particles can get between crevices and grow fungi, bacteria, and germs like you wouldn’t imagine. Scrubbing and sanitizing the kitchen will prevent dangerous foodborne illnesses. The process of cleaning the kitchen should begin by decluttering the counters, refrigerator, and pantry. Next, toss any expired or old food. Lastly, sanitize and scrub all surfaces, ranging from the stove to the sink. Don’t forget to get the backsplash!

Sanitize the Bathroom

There is no need to explain all of the germs that can be hiding in all bathroom areas. Just take our word for it. You’re going to want to sanitize the bathroom, at the very least, every two weeks. For a deep clean, first, start by washing the shower curtain and bath mat. Then, use a baking soda-covered sponge to scrub the entire shower (doors included), the sink, and the toilet. As always, wipe down dusty surfaces with a clean, dry rag before using wet products to clean.

Get the Right Supplies

For all of these tasks, you will need plenty of baking soda, a scrubby, a microfiber towel, sponges, and an alcohol-free cleanser like Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray with hypochlorous acid. Some cleaning supplies can cause burns and irritation to the eyes, throat, and skin. Using an antibacterial spray cleaner with gloves is always recommended and encouraged for maximum safety.

If you see dust particles floating around your house when the sun comes through, it’s time for a deep clean. Life can get hectic, but it’s necessary to make time to polish up your home. Just be sure to give yourself a whole day to work in sections, so you don’t get overwhelmed. After all, a house with fewer allergens, mold, and dust will have you feeling healthier and happier. For all health and hygiene problems, Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray is your go-to place.

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