If you can’t seem to make it through the day without that 3rd cup of afternoon coffee, a lifestyle change could be your best option for a 2022 resolution. A healthier body means a stronger immune system, and a stronger immune system means fewer trips to the doctor and more days feeling energized. A healthier life can leave your mental health feeling good and your physical health looking even better. If you find yourself having digestive, sleep, energy, or skin issues, try these tips for living a healthier life.

Clean Your House More

A clean home creates a clear mind. With less clutter around, your brain can focus on other important tasks, making you feel less stressed and more energized. Also, cleaning your home more will improve your health by scrubbing away dirt and allergens that can cause illness. Cleaning is also a form of light exercise; you never realize how easy it is to work up a sweat while walking, scrubbing, and picking up the 400 toys that your kids leave around.

Get More Exercise

Exercise plays a significant part in what creates a healthy body and mind, which goes without saying. Exercise fights off diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and some cancers. Exercising regularly also gives you that extra boost of energy you need to get through the day and improves your sleep at night. Exercise is a lifelong commitment and not just a temporary resolution. It will help your body stay flexible and strong for years to come.

Drink More Water

With human blood being 90% water, it’s no secret that we need water to live a healthy life. Drinking water, of course, prevents life-threatening dehydration but also flushes out toxic impurities in the body’s organs, making you feel less sluggish when you drink more. Water also regulates body temperature, which is why your doctor always tells you to drink plenty of water when you are under the weather. Depending on your size, an adequate amount of water is between 11-15 cups a day.

Get Outside

Taking a walk outdoors isn’t always about getting exercise or getting your heart rate up. Just being out in nature reduces stress and can lower blood pressure, especially when having a stressful day. Being outdoors has also been shown to sometimes reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. Vitamin D is a big piece of the puzzle in this equation, as the sun naturally causes our body to produce the immune system-boosting vitamin. Enjoying the zen of the outdoors is key to living a healthier and happier life.

Improve Personal Hygiene

We hate to say it, but we know you haven’t been flossing as often as you should be. Some little things that should also be on your list for 2022 are washing your hands and bedding more. Now that the little things are out of the way, one major part of improving your hygiene is taking the extra time to care for yourself. Hygiene doesn’t have to be about cleanliness; instead, it could mean calling off work and canceling plans when sick. No one likes a last-minute cancellation, especially for things they were looking forward to, but your health and others’ safety are much more critical.

Eat Clean

It’s evident that chicken tenders and fries taste better than a quinoa salad, but life is all about moderation. This year, include more fiber, whole foods, vegetables, and fruits in your diet and make a genuine effort to cut out processed foods. Eating less red meat is also better for your body and the environment; in 2022, try more vegan options. There are a lot of tasty items out there and new recipes filled with immune-boosting vitamins. Everyone’s body is different, so speak with a nutritionist if you want to get serious about your results.

Practice Stress Management

Stress management is all about staying strong during rough patches of life. Your mental health ultimately leads to your physical health, making you all around feel better if you can practice having a clear head under pressure. Some practices for managing stress are breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga. An occasional 90-minute full-body massage here and there won’t hurt either. Once you learn to manage your stress levels, your body will relax, making your work and personal relationships flourish.

Get More Rest

Adults need about 8 hours of sleep a night for a healthy lifestyle. While you sleep, your body has time to repair, rest, and recharge. Consider your body like a phone that recharges at night; if you are running on 50%, you will crash by the end of the day, which is why sleep is much needed to fight off illnesses and stay energized throughout the day. You never want only 50% of your immune system working, so get your rest. Everyone knows they need this much sleep, but put the distractions down and prioritize getting to bed in 2022.

Avoid Toxins

Doctors have warned against drinking and smoking for many years. There is a reason we go alcohol-free in our formulas because they wreak havoc on your body. Other than the obvious of avoiding alcohol and smoking, this year, focus on drinking cleaner water and eating organic foods. Install a water purifier in your home or update your old one that could be doing more harm than good. Also, add eating more organic and pesticide-free foods to your 2022 list so that you can get back to a chemical-free state.

Protect Your Skin

A skincare routine can be a great way to start making sure your skin looks great for years to come. A simple skincare routine has a cleanser, a moisturizer, and sunscreen. If your skin is acne-prone and you often participate in hot, sweaty workouts (or live in a humid climate), our Dr. Burd’s Wonderspray- Skin Rescue is an excellent skin spray Beingrepels oils. Second, find a moisturizer suited to your skin type that contains nurturing vitamins. Lastly, protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen. Skincare is essential to preventing skin cancer and keeping your body looking and feeling great.

Overall, practicing these tips will leave your body and mind feeling full of energy. While a healthier lifestyle won’t completely prevent you from being sick or having hereditary diseases, it can help you fight off and recover from illnesses quicker. 2022 is the year of focusing on your mental and physical health and doing what protects your future. Dr. Burd’s Wonderspray is here to help get your house clean and odor-free, as well as your skin looking like a million bucks. For relief from universal health and hygiene problems, you can count on us.

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